The Waterberg Biosphere

Discover the Waterberg – one of the world’s last unspoilt wilderness areas.

The Waterberg is best known as a bushveld wildlife destination with a wonderfully wide range of species andhabitats on offer.Imagine 8000 sq km of savannah for you to enjoy…The Waterberg Biosphere Reserve stretches from Marakele National Park in the south west to Wonderkop nature reserve in the north-east. Ringed by escarpments on three sides, the Waterberg forms a wide basin in which four of the main rivers in Limpopo originate. The landscape is one of rolling hills and endless vistas, with a distinct bushveld feel.

This region is a magical part of South Africa and offers experiences that are as diverse as there are many: wide open spaces with a rare wilderness quality, the romance of true bushveld, a rich biodiversity, and close encounters with some of Africa’s most charismatic and sought-after wildlife.

You will discover fascinating people, places landscape and sought after wild life while on youradventure tour ride.

The Waterberg can best be described as a large ‘inverted saucer’ stretching from Modimolle and Mokopane in the east. Within the central core is a vast basin plateau dissected by numerous rivers, principally the Mokolo which rises in the southern hills and the Palala (Lephalala) which rises in the south-east. The plateau that makes up the Waterberg consists of a thick sequence of conglomerate and sandstone.

This ancient landscape remains unspoilt to this day. In the form of the southerm eastern and northern escarpments, it provides some of the most scenic outlooks in South Africa. The southern escarpment consists of a continuous series of buttresses, rising from the valley floor in majestic order like sentinels on perpetual guard. The eastern and northern escarpments are more varied and in many ways more dramatic. Towards the east, the towering peak of “Hangklip”dominates the landscape, which the first day will take you from the foot of these dramatic sheer cliff faces to the top of the plateau, and drop through the amphitheatres and rocky outcrops into the basin of the Waterberg surrounded by the deeply-hued red sandstone of the Waterberg that forms one of our country’s most spectacular landscapes…