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I am sure that most Motorcycle enthusiasts have heard of Linex Yamaha. Linex Yamaha is an authorised Yamaha Dealership in Johannesburg, South Africa – in both the Motorbike and Marine world. It is one of the most established and well- respected Dealerships within the Yamaha network; having won more Dealer of the Year Awards than any other Yamaha Dealership within Southern Africa.

Linex Yamaha, so named due to its original address on Hans Strydom Drive in Linden Extension, Randburg. It was established in 1977 by Danny Mulder, which came about due to the unbelievable, passion Danny Mulder had, and still has, for bikes, boats, go-carts and anything else that is motor driven.

Linex Yamaha and Danny Mulder are legendary institutions.

Bike Rentals is Danny Mulder’s latest business venture. He loves the feel of the open road and cannot stay in one place for too long. One of Danny’s other passion’s is spending time in the South African Bush, and experiencing one of the most incredible things South Africa has to offer; our wildlife. What better way to merge the the two worlds? Motorbikes and the beauty of South Africa.

Bike Rentals, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, has a range of Yamaha Motorbikes available to groups for guided bike tours – both on and off-road adventures – around South Africa and Southern Africa.

Bike Rentals has the support, professionalism and expertise of both Linex Yamaha and Yamaha South Africa behind them.